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Introducing the NEW Fremont Cinemas Gift Card

The gift cards will be reloadable and can be purchased at the theater. This will soon take over for our Gift Certificates. The Gift Certificates will still be vaild untill December 31st, 2022. See an employee for more details.

Now Available

Fremont Cinemas Popcorn Pass

When you purchase this pass. It allows you to get 10 buckets of popcorn at one amazing price!

Note – This can only be purchased at the theater !

Price – $65.00

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Unlimited Admission


First Show Premiere


5% Off Concessions


Free Large Drink & Popcorn Bucket on your birthday


Best Savings

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Enjoy the perks of Fremont Cinema’s Premium Pass. Simply select how often you’d like to pay, and then set up your account and payment settings. We’ll then provide you with a custom Premium Pass, either mailed to you or picked up in person.